Monday 30 May 2011

Lionhead Get Creative

This is of course nothing like an official announcement of a next game, but Lionhead have indeed of late been working hard on their 'Creative Bender' as it was labelled on a big Industry Developer site. The premise of the bender was to come up with original ideas that really test the minds of the people working on major blockbusters and let them loose for a while - getting the creative juices flowing and maybe finding some gems in the meantime.

"The results were astonishing. In two working days (as well as a few voluntary late nights) a monstrous level of creativity had awakened within the Guildford-based studio.
Some people had designed entirely new game concepts for Fable, while others decided to test Kinect in ingenious and innovative ways. Others, like the two games highlighted below, are too impressive to remain mere concepts."

Below are a couple of links to the main stories and two interviews with a pair of Dev's about their games and what they thought of the day. Who knows, maybe the games that were shown on that day could find their way into the next Fable project?

Interviews with Devs
Main story

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