Saturday 4 September 2010

A Foxy and Cunning Report from PAX

Anarchyyfox, one of the users of the Fable III forum over at has managed to get a hands-on with the game at PAX this weekend, and like a cunning and sly fox has presented his findings too us for a 'gamers view' on the game as it stands.

Foxy Report

It's a damn good little look at the game and has some interesting points within it. He even got to sit down with Atkins and get walked through the game! Check it out in the link above and enjoy, and don't forget to join in the discussion there as well so you can talk about what he found out.

If Lionhead are up for helping ol' Brennon the Bard get his hands on the game then you know where to get me ;) Would love to get a beer goggle look at the game!

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