Tuesday 15 June 2010

From e3 came...

Some fantastic new images and some fantastic footage! Not to mention that there will most likely be tonnes more from the game show floor as the press get their hands on the demo and play through it...all with their new and swanky 360 slims in their back pockets. Damn, wish I was in gaming journalism haha.

Well without further ado and with much rejoicing here are the lovely pictures nabbed from ign.

Obviously these have some amazing detail in them when you get them huge, just click to open them up. They show off the female hero, some new landscapes and clothing, the dog in all its fluffy glory. And we get more of a glimpse of the mysterious Aurora. Which is looking more and more like Prince of Persia land by the second.

As if that wasn't enough check out the trailer from the event right here and see the glorious gameplay and awesome teasers in there. Will be doing a full screen capture on the trailer soon for you guys so watch this space for more images in HD.

For now, revel in the awesomness which is Fable III and watch your feet little Sparrow, because there is no telling where the road my sweep you off too!


  1. No reason to be jealous about the new 360, it sounds nice but if you get down to looking at it it it's a pos.

    That being said the F3 stuff does look awesome, I'm excited to see what else comes from E3 though so far it's been a major let down.

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