Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Fable Retrospective

I thought, since I was watching back the latest introduction trailer to the game that I would watch the other ones in the series so far. They are all, fantastic and interesting in their own way and this post will be looking back over the intros of the past, and the future with a little bit of a view into the world of Albion along the way.

First up is of course, Fable & Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Now, as the first trailer for the series this had some tasty secrets in it. Not only did it show off the Guild Chamber, but it also showed off areas from later in the game, including the fantastic Knothole Glade which was the setting for some great moments in the game and also the scene of the heroes first encounter with Jack of Blades!

As well as this you get to see some things that were not in the game. The hero, swinging his swords on the pedestal not only has a sword in his hands, but also one on his back! Maybe this hinted at their being at some point duel-weapon attacks. On top of this you also see the hero in full plate armour, BUT with the assassins mask on his face as well! Interesting, and there were many people who tried to do that when they got the game!

Next up, Fable II!!

In this we saw Albion go CG! Out was the in-game footage and the fade ins and in was the fantastic looking CG environment of Albion, in all its sparrow pooped glory. It truly was the 'luck' of the bird poop that sent your hero, male or female this time, spiralling into the world of heroes and murder that followed in the game.

The biggest thing about the intro this time around is that it shows Albion has become a darker, and more melancholy place. Not only do we get the connotations of the snow, preserving the dead wood and ramshackle buildings in their destruction but we get the people plodding about in a stupor of depression, the cough of the townsman showing the signs of the unhealthy running rampant through the city. All in all, it was a good change of pace for the gamer in the new world of Fable.

Finally, *drum roll* Fable III!

Now we have a very, very different looking Albion before us. Not only do we have the fantastic new inventions of the 'industrial age' around us as players but we also have some fantastic new buildings, people, and storylines to follow. Reaver seems to be everywhere, with his industry working as the core of it all. The castle of Fairfax stands, high above the town and dominates the landscape with its spires and fluttering flags while beneath it the people tirelessly labour for their hard earned coin. There are traitors abound, or so the people in charge say, and martial might is by far the power now, not magic and the hero.

As well as this we have the loveable, if still doomed chicken. Long a staple of the Fable games, the chicken not only represents the hopeless hero, who tries to spread his wings and could fail at any moment, but also that which is bold...especially our dear old white chicken here. Everyone was hoping he would...well, I will leave it for you to watch the trailer before you make up your mind.

Some fantastic intros over the years, and hopefully more to come. Watch this space.

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