Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Reshaping Albion

Another long haul since we heard much from Lionhead about Fable, but its sure shaping up to be a good Christmas period with the release of the Third game in the series. IGN have got another good report on the game with a conversation from Peter Molyneux too boot.

IGN - Reshaping Albion

Also don't forget 'Save the girls, Kill the Wolves' a little demonstration of the power and compassion of all you good heroes out there.

Slay those wolves...rawr

All sounds very good doesn't it? Can't wait to get my Bard's Sword, Bard's Flintlock and Bard's Gauntlets on the go and super powerful!

Hopefully we still get a lute to play *strum*

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  1. Look like they shed a little more light on Reaver's role in Fable 3. Thanks for the links! :D