Thursday, 25 February 2010

Here's to the Bard...

One of my ideas for Fable III which I did post on their community forums was obviously going to be about Bards. It started out when I was playing on Zelda and then eventually on A Bard's Tale (An excellent game by the way) and began to think of the possibilities of having a rhythmic mini-game based in the taverns of Albion, and well for your hero over all.

It would work as it does in normal mini-games of this type, where you have to hit the buttons at the right time and you play a lovely melody for the waiting crowd. But, being Fable this could all come with a twist and actually 'mean' something for the gamer.

Say you were trying to bribe the guards away from their station, but it wasn't quite working. Why not whip out the lute, strum up a tune of 'The Rat Catcher's Ballad' and lead them down to the local pub. Then, switch it up to 'An Ode to Mr Mopp's' and get them drunk. Suddenly the entrance to that castle seems a lot less guarded.

Obviously it makes the lute a large amount of the gameplay experience but I would think it would just be another interesting use of the type of game Fable could be. Not to mention this would have interesting implications for NATAL support with you actually beating out the tune on your virtual lute.

Here's some of the other songs I dreamt up...

The Guards Lament (Sends the surrounding audience to sleep)

War Hu' Ye' (Rouses the troops)

An Ode to Mr Mopp's (Beer drinking song, makes the audience drunk)

Rat Catchers Ballad (Gets everyone around you to follow, touch is easier to use)

Avo's Tear (Increases the happiness of the audience)

Skorm's Vengence (Makes the audiences angry side come out)

'Your Health is Low' (Prompts the audience to burst into laughter)

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